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When is a preemie not a preemie?

13 April 2015

Grace was born 12 weeks before she should have ever seen the light of day, weighing a tiny 1lb 15oz. Smaller than a bag of sugar. She excelled at all the preemie stereotypes, you could fit your wedding ring around her wrist, see her heart flutter through the gaps in her ribs, her eyes couldn't open for three days after birth. She spent nearly four months in hospital before being allowed home, and when she came home she was on oxygen. Yet once that was gone the most common question I was asked was 'but she's alright now isn't she?' 

How do you answer that one? You nod and say she's a fighter, tiny but mighty, and smile. You don't let on about the nights of worry, the panic over every cough or sniffle, the extra injections she needs, the six medicines a day, not knowing what her future holds. 

Grace has just turned three. Is she still a preemie? Will she always be a preemie? Is it just part of her history, when do you move on from identifying her first by her birth? We still struggle daily with issues resulting from her prematurity, I still have sleepless nights listening to her breathe. I'm ready for her to get off the preemie rollercoaster now. 

So many toys, so little room

11 April 2015

Over the last few weeks between play dates and a new influx of toys for a certain little miss's third birthday the play room has descended more into a rubbish dump. Taking advantage of the glorious weather this week we set aside a day to strip out the chaos and rebuild from scratch. 
Just as happy to play in her chaos outside as in the playroom. I'll admit I was more than a bit daunted at this point!
 After. It was wonderful to see it so clear. We filled about 2 bin bags for charity and another 2 for the bin. It's a lot easier for her to find what she wants to play with now, and for the first time ever it's not just off the floor but actually logically sorted. 

Imagination corner, her tree house and dollshouse, as well as the car garage and play kitchen. In the cupboard are all her paints and craft kits ready for rainy days or when her brother is napping. She's been opening them a lot recently and just throwing everything everywhere so this way we can craft in a more effective manner.
Play piano, a baby toy suitcase she's never grown out of, all the random toys such as barbie, remote control car, wooden airplane, playmobil Noah's arc, box of balls, threading beads etc. Under her chalkboard we have a big treasure chest full of musical instruments
A craft store, coloured paper and foam, pipe cleaners, pom poms and stickers, pens and pencils, brushes and glue, play dough, blanks to be painted. The trugs contain baby Ben's toys, dressing up clothes,  and duplo. I redid the playroom entirely around the idea of making toys accessible.
The games corner. Games, jigsaws, puzzles, phonics and latch board. In the last few weeks my tiny toddler has become a little girl who knows her own mind, and she loves playing games, this corner is going to get a lot of use! 
I'm over the moon with how the new playroom turned out. It might not look flashy, nothing will change it from being a 15 year old conservatory with a tempermetal roof, but it now works well as what it's meant to, and ultimately that's all I could ask for.  

I have your mugs..... and I'm holding them hostage!

16 May 2013

L-R Birdie, Baby Grace, Cinny, hubby NIM, me and Tete
Last week I met up with some special internet friends for a spot of mug painting..... and today they arrived. So chuffed with how they turned out and I'm sure the girlies will be too. I am feeling a bit odd as everyone else found this a very stressful activity, but for me it was completely zen and I'd love to be able to do it all day long. The two goblets in the back are for hubby and I to glug from on an evening (he's already tried his out, it takes a surprisingly large amount of wine) - he was tempted to go with the very on trend 'Winter Is Coming' but instead went with his own family words 'I Have Fought and Conquered'. Me, I'm much more lightweight and just doodled some bunting. We also have the little star Grace gummed and stamped her messy mark on, and my personal favorite, our tiny hand and footprint 'Love' platter.